ClockLib. Integrated Library Management system


ClockLib is most advanced integrated solutions for the university library. Clock library management system automates the process of handling the issue and receives the resources (e-books, books, journals etc. ).  make process easy and targeted. Provides the extra level of security and usability, clock library is the web-based solution so there is no need to install any software on the client side, clock library is dynamic in nature so librarian can run the show as they want. Clocklib can easily integrate with RFID, EM tagging, barcoding and self-manage kiosk for return and issue book, Anti-theft, inventory management user management.  



Clock library management system manage your all type of acquisitions inventory in and inventory out. Ordering, Subscriptions, Leasing, Contractual, Gifts, Exchange.




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Cataloging is an art and clockLib. provides a state of the art platform for manage catalog by author, keywords, topics, titles. 




Clocklib. manage and streamline the book lending and return, manage overdue fine, manage lost and damage book records. manage policies. 


Clocklib. provides online public access catalog where any user can search there desired books and resources by different parameters. ( topics, authors, topics. keywords)

User APP


ClockLib. Provide User Andriod APP, IOS APP where the user can manage their membership, opac, the user can reserved books, can monitor detail of book issue and return, pay fine through the app.